Safer & Exciting driving


Safer & Exciting driving





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The key purpose of our company is to give the power of ADAS(Advance Driver Assistance Systems) products for every customer to make their driving more safer and exciting. Our technology & products helps the vehicle driver by providing more awareness about the surrounding road/traffic conditions and alerts the driver to avoid accident situations. Our technology,helps to drive safely at night/rain/fog/low visbility driving conditions with our radar sensors, which in general have a great detection and tracking performance of obstacles which are difficutly for a human to see at low visibility conditions.

Problem we address

Families in the world lose as many as 15 lakh lives of their loved ones every year (1.5 lakh in India) to road accidents and even more are permanently disabled with sever injuries.Nearly 5 lakh road accidents occur every year in India. Our mission is to reduce road accidents with affordable & available technology for all segments of automotive vehicles in India. We Propose Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) products which can help to avoid some of the accidents from the total accidents which happen.We are keen to collaborate with all stake holders and together we can make a great world to live in.